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Lake Jons - Jon Lindsay - Safari Gold - Honeymilk - Sur Back

Lake Jons - Lake Family. Background -  “Lake Family” is the final single that Helsinki’s innovative lo-fi pop trio Lake Jons are sharing ahead of the release of their self-titled debut album (out next Friday, January 19th via AntiFragile Music). “Lake Family” is a euphoric track, masterfully showcasing frontman Jooel Jons’ effortless vocals and the bands’ undeniably assured, anthemic sound.  Lake Jons has been flourishing in their hometown of Helsinki since 2014, utilizing atmospheric samples, simple driving rhythms, delicate guitar progressions and lush, hook-laden vocals as pillars of their forward-thinking songs. The result is an alchemic blend of ambient lo-fi pop, psych, soul and folk… it's the kind of album that could only come from a state of severe isolation and a mystical connection with the natural world. It also explores themes of introspection, existentialism and human relationships, while the lyrics detail a quieter existence. A calm and persistent “life will go on”

Low Dive - Slowcoaching - Honeymilk - Mise en Scene

Low Dive - Common People. Background - Brisbane dream pop duo, Low Dive release their music video for debut single, 'Common People'. Featuring pals, pups and sun-drenched streets, the video is an ode to Brisbane's West End and it's beloved local haunts. Low Dive launch 'Common People' at The Foundry in Brisbane on Thursday 29th June with support from Pool Shop and McKisko. Facebook here . 'Common People' is a lush and dreamy song, with a laid back vibe and gentle melodic vocals, which together make for an enchanting musical piece. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Slowcoaching - Pillars Of Salt. Background - From his computer chair to the live stage, Slowcoaching, the solo moniker for Dean Valentino, has expanded his dream-pop vision to something far more audacious and vivid. Taking euphoria head on, Slowcoaching creates a focussed aura of hazy n

Weekend Wonders: Elouise - The Tiger & Me - Honeymilk - Gutxi Bibang - Eleven North

Elouise - Silent Night. Background - Fueled by a sordid real-life backdrop of good old fashioned suicides, murders, and alcoholic depravity followed by church on Sunday, Elouise is an eccentric collaboration of Los Angeles-based musicians who came together to create an ominous, raw and cinematic genre of music they identify as Blackgrass. It is the sound of sin and salvation mixed in a dark cocktail with a taste of Bluegrass, a black symphonic sound and weary emotional vocals that tell original tales of struggle and re-imagine songs from our collective Americana consciousness. Elouise is back with their menacing Blackgrass rendition of the Holiday classic “Silent Night” and are offering a free download for the month of December. Website here . Move aside seasonal slush, no room for sentimental songs here today. This is how you do 'Silent Night', followed by a large measure of Bourbon and ice (I'm guessing that's an acceptable brew for alcoholic depravity)... ---

Monday Double Play: Honeymilk - Vogue Dots

Honeymilk - Time Will Kill You. Background words - Honeymilk, based in Stockholm, Sweden, is seven years of friendship originating from episodes of police dogs, speakeasies in scout cabins, a spontaneous boat ride to Gotland, stolen exes and vandalized scaffolds - and music as the only life support. Thats why it comes so natural that the band Honeymilk is no more, to instead turn into a duo. Not like Bobbysocks or Japandroid, but more like Milli Vanilli or Foxygen. The new era in Marcus, Nikkis and Honeymilk's lives starts with three new singles. The songs are written, grown and recorded by Marcus and Nikki themselves, with help from a group of blumbers and friends. The first track to be released is "Time Will Kill You", out now! Honeymilk previously released an album and an EP being hailed by Q Magazine and Music Week among others, and already done several UK-tours. The latest single was a duet with De Montevert, produced by Mats Björke (Mando Diao).  'Time Wi