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Annabel Allum - Wojtek the bear - Frankiie - The Channel - The Switch

Yep we are featuring Annabel Allum again, this time we have the brand new E.P 'Gravel Not The Grave'. We have already featured three songs from the collection and a couple of days ago she added 'Baby Berlin' as another separate release, anyhow it's good to have the full E.P. from this very talented multi-genre artist. Wojtek the bear have been featured here in the past and today's release 'slow tv' is a splendid and upbeat pop song where the musical arrangement and vocals are oh so refreshing. Frankiie return for a third time on Beehive Candy with 'Funny Feelings' and once again their mixture of indie dream rock is notable to say the least, this time there are some surf vibes thrown in for good measure and the hooks are everywhere. We have the new single 'Days Ind' from The Channel a family band where the music might be produced between work and looking after their young ones, however they create some absolutely charming and extreme

Basset - Zooni - The Switch

Basset have just released 'Waterloo' and I have to say I am mightily impressed. Their acoustic musical combination of instruments ensures they have a fresh and distinct sound and the vocals add vibrancy and energy, they are ones to watch out for, I would suggest. Art pop band Zooni have just released their new single 'Cotton Blue' a gently paced song, where the musical arrangement is well structured with plenty of clarity for each musician and just right for the heartfelt vocals. Finally The Switch have shared 'What If' taken from their upcoming album. The band have a refined musical approach, melodic and crisp the originality is notable, this album tease suggests their fifth full-length 'Birds of Paradise' will be a splendid affair. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Basset - Waterloo. Basset is a young and rising all-acoustic group, consisting of vocalist