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Kristina Stazaker - Psymon Spine - The Barettas - Amy Speace

Kristina Stazaker - Silence and Slumber. Kristina Stazaker released her new album, Follow Me, on the 18th of December 2020. The artist, who has drawn favourable comparisons to such luminaries as PJ Harvey, Anna Calvi, Tori Amos & Kate Bush, writes songs filled with raw emotion that guides the listener through rough, dark seas and enables them to explore mystical realms. Silence and Slumber In his dreams, he is laughing and playing his songs To the crowds who adore him, throwing roses and cheers In his dreams, he's the king of his land But when he wakes up, to the nightmare he goes Kristina Stazaker is a UK-based Singer/Songwriter who has been performing for over 5 years now as a side project and passion. Since 2015, She has been bringing her unique solo and acoustic sounds to crowds wherever she can. Showcased as "feministic anti-folk which nobody can actually describe", her muses have roots in old-time folk, punk and alternative indie.  Her captivating performances

The Silverbeets - Kim Bingham - Scenic Route To Alaska - Psymon Spine

The Silverbeets recently shared 'We Mattered Once Upon A Time' along with a video. The song is from their next album 'Halcyon Days' and gives a good feel for the bands desirable and distinctive indie art rock. ==== Kim Bingham hasn't wasted her lock down and along with Jolyon White has produced a fresh and highly entertaining video entitled "Sweet Irene: Escape from Lockdown" which comes from her UP! album. ==== Scenic Route To Alaska have just released 'Polarized' and the Edmonton-based indie pop trio are impressive with this powerful and hook filled song. ==== We featured 'Milk' by Psymon Spine back in July and they are back with 'Modmed' along with a video, the new track is a swirling psychedelic piece with some light disco vibes. =================================================== The Silverbeets - We Mattered Once Upon A Time. Australian indie art rockers The Silverbeets have announced they will be releasing their 'Halcyon

Psymon Spine - KnightressM1 - 0171

Psymon Spine are back after a three year hiatus and the Brooklyn psych/dance outfit have shared the addictive new song 'Milk' featuring Barrie. === KnightressM1 can declare with real certainty that they are not stuck in any specific genre as 'Polarity Integrate' capably demonstrates, whats more the song is just plain wonderful. === From Hackney, London we have pleasure in sharing 0171 and their new song 'Photograph' the third track to be released from the upcoming EP 'Change Nothing' and their experimental electronic music remains accessible, in fact pretty catchy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Psymon Spine - Milk (Feat. Barrie). After a three year hiatus, Brooklyn psych/dance outfit Psymon Spine today returned with their new single “Milk” and announced signing with Northern Spy Records. At the time it was written, band members Noah Prebish and Sabine Holler were also playing in the

Silent Riders - Black Needle Noise (With Bill Leeb) - Her Crooked Heart - Scratch Massive - Psymon Spine - Beta Days

Silent Riders - I See You. Background - Fresh from acclaim for their self-titled debut album, Danish electronic trio Silent Riders have now unveiled the video for single ‘I See You’ and it’s full of great slightly Blair Witch-esque fuzzy woodland horror imagery. This Copenhagen-based trio seemed to have sprung from some murky unknown world, if we are to believe the statements of the band themselves. Little is known about Lu, Gee and C who comprise the group, or what is behind the masks they wear during their performances. They might have materialized from shadows in the woods, lurking in the dark until they were ready to share their sounds with the world. This mythical sphere that they have created for themselves is accessible through their music, which is a vision of electronic music that is organic and alive with both warmth and danger.  Led by the sultry voice of Lu, we are taken into the dark woods of the Silent Riders with almost cinematic brilliance as Gee and C mans the