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Louien - Brooke Annibale - Basset

Louien - Second Best. Norwegian indie-folk act Louien has shared new single 'Second Best', the second cut to be shared from her forthcoming EP Figure Me Out. Emerging from Nesodden, a peninsula in the Oslo fjord, Live Miranda Solberg (Louien) fuses the fiercer elements of Feist and Sharon Van Etten’s songwriting with the timelessness qualities present in the work of Carole King and Gillian Welch. We last heard from Louien in the summer of 2021 when she shared her highly-acclaimed, liberating EP No Tomorrow. An attempt to write from a less serious perspective, it was the antidote to her 2019 debut album None of My Words which dealt with the trauma left behind by her father’s death. Out September 16th via Jansen Records, Figure Me Out is in many ways a sequel to last year’s No Tomorrow. Thematically, the EP is about how characteristics we think of as cool, such as aloofness, are often the reverse and that it’s much cooler and, indeed, stronger to be yourself and choose vulnerabi

LISA - Rose Ette - Louien

Some intriguing thoughts and comments from LISA below to accompany 'Primitive Us'. It's a gorgeous song full of melodic hooks whilst individuality brims through. From Rose Ette we have the title track from their 'Ignore The Feeling' album. It's one of nine songs and I have also included 'Skin', between them they give a good feel for bands highly engaging brand of rock. Yesterday Louien released 'Be Forgiven' and it's a fabulous singer-songwriter piece where both her refined vocals and the imaginative musical arrangement are outstanding. LISA - Primitive Us. “Primitive Us” is candy coated razor-blades. “Primitive Us” is phoney feelings. “Primitive Us” is dangling carrots. “Primitive Us” is self destruction. “Primitive Us” is winning big and then losing it all. I think we’re happy to let the wool be pulled over our eyes. To sleepwalk through life a little. But as we all know, wool is hella itchy and at some point those blinders need to