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The Runaways - Cleveland - 1976

Here are The Runaways, recorded live on the 19th July 1976, at The Agora, Cleveland, USA. Why have there never been more all girl rock'n'roll bands? I guess by virtue of when The Runaways formed, and their style of music, they are often linked with the new wave / punk scene, whatever category you feel obliged to stick then in, they play a pretty nifty show! Song list is: 01 - California Paradise. 02 - Cherry Bomb. 03 - Take It Or Leave It. 04 - Secrets. 05 - You Drive Me Wild. 06 - C'Mon. 07 - Blackmail. 08 - Wild Thing. 09 - Don't Use Me. 10 - Rock And Roll. 11 - Is It Day Or Night. 12 - Johnny Guitar. 13 - Dead End Justice. CLICK ON COMMENTS BELOW FOR NEW FULL CONCERT LINK. Sound quality is excellent, I'm guessing probably from an FM broadcast, anyway enjoy. Purchase The Runaways first album HERE .