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Exhausted Pipes - The Dead Sailor Girls - Febueder - TUELO

Exhausted Pipes - Whisky, Weed, Women and Cocaine. Background - For most people, the idea of “Whisky, Weed, Women and Cocaine,” sounds like a little bit of a lethal combination, but when it comes in the form of an incredibly catchy song by indie-rock trio Exhausted Pipes, we’re welcoming the combo with open arms. Featuring an addicting guitar melody, it’s no surprise the track is named the way it is. Besides just its catchy nature, the song features stunning vocal work and the resulting piece showcases just how special the trio are in their ability to capture a story so eloquently within the framework of a three-minute song. They’ve been capturing the hearts of San Francisco’s local indie scene for a while now, and it’s no surprise- the catchy rhythm and utter brilliant storytelling make them a serious tour de force in the underground music scene. Formed in 2011, they are known for their dynamic songwriting and lively performances, pushing the expectations of a three-piece. The