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Quality Not Quantity: The Gray Havens - Neighbourhood Youth - Basement Revolver

The Gray Havens - . Ghost Of A King. Background promo - Three words. That’s how it started. Three words that teased the start of a story, a story that became a song and a title track for an album that was originally only supposed to be an EP. Three words that hint at a bit of mystery: “Met a ghost….” There’s already a touch of mystery in the name of Dave and Licia Radford’s band, The Gray Havens. It provides a moment of recognition and camaraderie for Tolkien fans who know the reference to the mythical seaport where ships sail away to a far country. Beyond the reference, the name helps the listener learn what to expect: this is music meant to take us somewhere. The Gray Havens’ third studio release, Ghost of a King, finds the husband-wife duo in fine form, stretching musical boundaries and writing some of their most personal and powerful lyrics yet. Dave notes an important difference this time around: “The last two records both have songs on them I wrote in college, so I feel lik