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Lee Rogers - Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard - Fellow Hollow - CocoRosie feat: Irina Anufrieva

Lee Rogers is a Belfast based singer songwriter and his brand new song 'Haunted' really is a standout track. Lee's vocals immediately resonate with plenty of emotion and raw power, on this powerful folk rocker. ===== Welsh band Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard just released '30,000 Megabucks' whilst announcing a live stream event in December and this feisty alt rock suggests that's going to be a show to watch. ===== Fellow Hollow have created an exquisite new song entitled 'Dog fence weeds' where wonderful vocals and harmonies are matched by a melodic and lovable musical backdrop. ===== CocoRosie have released 'Go Away' featuring Irina Anufrieva today along with a video. Music favorites of ours CocoRosie continue to create and share original and irresistible material and with Irina Anufrieva's contribution this is no exception.  ================================================== Lee Rogers - Haunted. Belfast songwriter Lee Rogers returns with ne

Hundreds - Melby - CocoRosie - Rosie Carney - Ross Palmer

We shared 'Body Of Water' by Hundreds in January and they are back with their third single 'Calling' and it's another splendid electro pop song. === It's a year to the day since we last featured Melby who have just released 'Things I Do When I'm Alone' a melodic indie folk track that is warm and so engaging. === Yesterday CocoRosie released their seventh album entitled 'Put The Shine On' from which we have already shared some tracks, now we have the whole collection and it is everything they promised and more. === Time flies by, it's been over a year since we last featured Rosie Carney whose back with the new single 'When I Look At You'. So this is appearance twelve on Beehive Candy, maybe that's enough of a recommendation in it's own right. === Today Ross Palmer releases 'You Wont Need To Cry' a smooth, melodic alt folk kind of a song and it's beautiful. ----------------------------------------------------

Snake - Dawn Coulshed - HEBE - CocoRosie - Cherokee Death Cats - EllaHarp

Snake released 'Falling' earlier this week and it's one feisty and fabulous rocker with hooks galore. === Scottish artist Dawn Coulshed has just released 'Same Side' a beautiful singer songwriter piece with a richly refined musical arrangement. === We featured HEBE last November and she returns with a new song and video for 'Out Of Sight' a smooth and soulful electro pop song. === CocoRosie share a fourth song and video from their next album, this time we have 'Restless' and it is simply wonderful. === Although this song was released back in November Cherokee Death Cats have just appeared on our radar and 'Sick' is to good a rocker to pass up on. === EllaHarp releases 'Screaming Into The Void' a stunning song where the harp and her melodic vocals fuse beautifully together on this refreshing folk pop song . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Snake - Falling. Four years a

CocoRosie - Bullion - Ben Seretan - Color TV - Nessa - Smoke Fairies - Alex Winters

CocoRosie have just shared 'Aloha Friday' ahead of their seventh studio album due in March, the contrast with 'Smash My Head' is notable and suggests the sisters have plenty of new ideas for us to enjoy. === Bullion has released 'Hula' ahead of a new E.P, and it's a remarkable mixture of musical sounds that are beautifully arranged, his vocals adding another layer on this addictive track. === New York City based Ben Seretan latest song is 'Power Zone' a sumptuous bluesy ballad where emotion and personal vibes flourish. === We have a taste of Emotional Response Records 5th volume of 'Typical Girls' compilation series through Color TV  and 'Anybody's Girl' a feisty pop punk song and hopefully we can share more from the sixteen track selection ahead of it's release. === Described as mixing Celtic and World music inspired styles Nessa have just released 'A Stitch In Time' and it's a creative and gorgeous song, where

Amy Milner - Kar - Natalie Bouloudis - Jackie Charles - Ruthie - CocoRosie

Amy Milner first release this year is the haunting 'Shine Off' where her fabulous vocals and imaginative electronica come together beautifully. === They may have only been going for a few months however Kar and their new song 'On Our Own' is a refined indie pop song. === It's getting on for two and a half years since we last featured Natalie Bouloudis still her brand new song 'Outlaster', demonstrates that her creative and distinct music remains as good as ever. === Jackie Charles music is described as existentialist dream pop and their song 'Baby' really does fits that description, with the video adding even more. === Our third feature for Ruthie this year is 'No One On This Earth' featuring Drenge, is a rich melodic alt rocker where the dual vocals are just perfect. === CocoRosie have released a brand new song and video today entitled 'Smash My Head'. The sister duo are once again creative and imaginative, the video imagery chall