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Tom Scott - Huntington Beach USA 1979

This is Tom Scott live at The Golden Bear, Huntington Beach, CA, USA back in 1979. These are the notes in full that came with the recording (grateful thanks to the person who penned them) - This recording comes from the archives of the Golden Bear night club in Huntingon Beach, California. At the time, the Golden Bear was the oldest running night club in America open since the mid 1920's. Eventually earthquake building codes made it too expensive to upgrade, and it was eventually torn down.  Everybody from Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and The Doors have played at the Golden Bear. I was a frequent patron of the Golden Bear, and I recorded many shows at the venue.  Eventually I became friends with the sound board guy, and we began trading some tapes.  This recording is one of those tapes. Like many of the Golden Bear tapes, this one isn't a complete show.  After 47 minutes, it cuts off. Since the Golden Bear usually ran 60-70 minute sets, it's very likely that the last 15-20