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Merival - Arsun - Catherine MacLellan

We featured Merival a couple of times earlier this year and now we have her new music video for 'Sinner'. The atmospheric and gently melodic song is partnered by an equally inspired film, Merival's singer-songwriter abilities are really something special. Whats in a voice? Well with Arsun I would suggest a considerable amount, as is witnessed with 'Dead Sixty-Six', where the maturity is a little like oak aged bourbon whisky, Cat Power had better be on top form with this artist as the support act! Catherine MacLellan returns here for a second time this year, with two natural folk gems entitled 'Come Back In' and 'The Tempest'. They are both from her forthcoming 'Coyote' album due in October, and from what we have heard so far, it's going to be rather special to say the least. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Merival - Sinner. Toronto-based singer-songwriter, Merival -

Annabel Allum - Scott Lavene - Merival - Spirit Family Reunion - Grace Gillespie

Annabel Allum makes her fourth appearance on Beehive Candy more a less a year to the day since we last enjoyed a song from her. 'You Got It Good' is another typically emotion packed song, her vocals as earnest as ever and the music equally determined. 'Superclean' from Scott Lavene is accompanied by an engaging video full of low budget moments, that just add to the charm of this hook laden song, Back in April we shared 'I With Mine' by Merival and now we have 'No Brakes' where the vocals are absolutely stunning as is the refreshing musical backdrop. Spirit Family Reunion have just released the first taste of their forthcoming album with 'One Way Ticket' a wonderful American folk piece which just fills the room with Americana goodness. Finally today, Grace Gillespie has released 'I'm Your Man' a song that sits somewhere between Indie pop, rock or even folk, it's might be hard to pigeonhole, but it's an equally addic

Lydia Persaud - Elva - Alana Wilkinson - Peter Cat Recording Co. - Junodream - Merival

'More of Me' from Lydia Persaud is soulful, lively and a bit of a rocker along the way. Our second song feature for Elva ahead of their 'Winter Sun' album release is 'Ghost Writer' another piece that ups the anticipation even more. Alana Wilkinson's 'Partner In Crime' put simply is a gorgeous modern folk song. Peter Cat Recording Co, might have a fabulous band name, however 'Floated By' is a stunning song that exudes quality and beauty as does the accompanying video. Just over a month since we first featured Junodream they return with 'Odd Behaviour' a natural alt rocker that is laden with hooks throughout. Merival shares 'I With Mine' an intimate folk song where emotion and fabulous vocals are centre stage. Lydia Persaud - More of Me. A fixture of Toronto’s music community and a sought-after collaborator, Lydia Persaud stands alone with her debut album Let Me Show You, due out on May 10 via Next Door Records. On 'Mo