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Satin Nickel - Gizmo Varillas - Purshink - Magic Toy Missing

Satin Nickel share 'Free' where the Americana folk band open with a mellow understated feel, before expanding into a beautifully arranged and delivered piece. === Gizmo Varillas has a new single entitled 'Love Over Everything' and it's a vibrant mixture of musical rhythms and fabulous vocals and harmonies. === Purshink just released her debut single 'Kid' which is a gentle melodic piece with warmth and personal feeling. === From Magic Toy Missing we have 'War' a hook filled indie pop/rock song where the vocals exude emotion against a rich musical background. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Satin Nickel - Free. Americana/folk band, Satin Nickel, has released the new single, “Free,” and is currently putting the finishing touches on a live video to be released in late March. “Free” is the latest offering from the upcoming album, Shadow of Doubt, out April 10th. Satin Nickel’s Samanta

Selkama - The Danberrys - Pawn Painters - Detalji - Satin Nickel - Puss N Boots

Having featured the previous two singles from there forthcoming album it's a pleasure to include the third from Selkama entitled 'Mosquito Bite' as the pair once again impress in a big way. === The Danberrys have just released their new single 'The Mountain' and the Americana duo have a bluesy rock vibe going on as they give us a glimpse of the upcoming album 'Shine'. === From Bavaria, Germany we have Pawn Painters and 'Under The Sun' a moody, emotive and atmospheric indie rocker. === Detalji shares 'Without You' a feisty and rhytmic electro song where her vocals soar superbly above and within the beats. === New York City based Satin Nickel release 'Call It' a fabulous folk pop song accompanied by a beautifully matched video. === Puss N Boots might be better known than many of the emerging artists we feature here however their new song 'Sister' is just to good to ignore. ----------------------------------------------------