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The Who - Selected Quadrophenia Demo's.

This is a selection of demo's that in part eventually led to The Who recording one of their most popular and enduring albums namely Quadrophenia. Quadrophenia was recorded at Ramport, The Who’s own studio in Battersea, south London in May and June of 1973, and these demo's are predominately the very early stages of the process including Pete Townsend performing his work to the rest of the band. The album, The Who's second 'rock opera' was released to coincide with The Who’s first UK and US tours for two years, it reached number 2 in both countries’ album charts. It was immaculately packaged in a handsome black and white gatefold sleeve, complete with extensive liner notes outlining the story and a 22-page book of evocative black and white photographs illustrating the central character Jimmy’s personal odyssey. Source: Soundboard. Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@192kbps. Genre : Rock. Set: Selected early demo's. Demo Tape List: 1. Unus

The Who - Tommy Tour - Amsterdam 1969

This one is special. The Who toured their then new album Tommy in the autumn of 1969, through to 1970, with gigs across the USA, and then on to the UK. They started out in Europe, and this was the starting point. Playing Amsterdam on the 29th September 1969, they featured some of their then best live material, and the whole of Tommy. Pete Townsend seemed in a good mood, chatting to the audience a little, the whole performance was outstanding. This was the original line up enjoying themselves: Roger Daltrey - Vocals Pete Townsend - Guitar & vocals John Entwistle - Bass Guitar Keith Moon - Guitar & vocals I have used the cover of an early CD boot (silver disc) as the picture (click on to enlarge), however the recording I have uploaded is from another source. REPLACEMENT DOWNLOAD LINKS IN COMMENTS BELOW (17TH OCTOBER 2009). The music source is stereo soundboard, professionally recorded and cared for since 1969. Browse the Beehive Candy Store HERE , for some bargain priced The Who