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Billy Idol - Poplar Creek - 1984

Time to up the energy levels! This is Billy Idol recorded live at the Poplar Creek Theatre, Hoffman Estates, Illinois, USA, on June 1st 1984. Poplar Creek was an outdoor concert venue located in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. The property consisted of 200 acres at the intersection of Higgins Road and Route 59. When it opened in June 1980, the surrounding neighborhoods weren't exactly thrilled. To appease them, the inaugural concert featured a very non-threatening John Denver. By 1984 they may have got use to the venue being there. That said the whole place closed ten years later, maybe it took them that long to get over the 'rebel yell !' This is Billy Idol recorded for a syndicated radio series at that time, so apologies for the appalling and 'quite cheesy' intro and the end 'really hip' DJ comments. That said the actual concert is pretty nifty to say the least, and the sound quality is high standard FM stereo. Reloaded 23/02/2016 link in com