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Hannah & Ben - Fafa Galoure - Izzie Walsh

Hannah Sanders and Ben Savage share a near flawless folk song where every component is just wonderful. Fafa Galoure's live session includes 'I Am The Sun' a refreshingly natural rocker that is full of hooks from the opening moments. Izzie Walsh's vocals are gorgeous on the melodic country song 'Sidelined' a vibrant and pleasing piece. Hannah & Ben - Hidden Things. Hidden Things is the first in a trilogy of singles by Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage. After widely touring for the past few years 2019’s singles reflect the duo’s relationship to the spirit of place; all three songs were written and arranged in different counties whilst they were touring their critically acclaimed album Awake in 2018. The first in this trilogy, Hidden Things, takes its inspiration from a time spent in northern Sweden. Hannah says “I was reading my friend Francesco Dimitri’s novel “Book of Hidden Things”. I was sitting on the coast of Stockholme’s Archipelago reading a nov