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Little Church - Shiny Glide - Manwomanchild

We have the latest E.P from Little Church titled 'It's Not You' streaming in full below, it comprises of five songs opening with 'Last Night' a gorgeous track that typifies the bands music where various genres merge into a distinctive and refined band sound. Shiny Glide (aka Antony Venneri) shares 'Innocent Moon' a beautiful, sweeping and natural ballad, accompanied by a fabulous video collage of old film and cartoon clips, that somehow add to the tenderness of this song. It's been some time since Manwomanchild appeared here, that said 'Bellwether' is a welcome return, the lyrics are clever and the video suitably works alongside, the song is catchy, personal and very pleasing. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Little Church - It's Not You (E.P). On their latest release Its Not You, Little Church seamlessly merges rock, soul, layered psychedeli