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Edie Carey - Annabel Gutherz - Jesper Lindell feat. Amy Helm - The Blue Chevys - The Filthy Causals

Photo - Steve Willis Edie Carey - The Chain. Folk/pop singer-songwriter Edie Carey is readying her latest collection of songs for her eleventh album The Veil due 6/3/22. Produced by Scott Wiley, the album features Grammy-nominated friend and frequent collaborator Rose Cousins and Mai Bloomfield (Jason Mraz, Sara Bareilles). Throughout the twelve songs set, Carey weaves her “gentle story-telling, rich with humanity and insight.” The first single, “The Chain,” was written with her friend and fellow Colorado songwriter Megan Burtt in her kitchen. “The Chain” is about feeling like we are never enough in the eyes of another, that no matter what we do or try to prove, their view of us remains unchanged. It’s a song of realization, of recognition and, ultimately, of letting go.   “You can’t quite believe how lucky you are to write a healing song with a friend in your kitchen and then get to witness the magic of it becoming something real and tangible and beyond what you could have imagined i

Pocket Of Lollipops - Lenny Bull - The Spring Peaks - Grace Acladna - Jesper Lindell

It was back in 2017 when we first featured Pocket Of Lollipops and 'Non-Friend Friend' is a welcome albeit brief return with a sub two minute addictive rocker. Lenny Bull shares a slick rocker that fires plenty of hooks along the way. The Spring Peaks 'Coming Of Age' is one very catchy rocker, the video adds even more, and the vibe is wonderful. Just over a month since Grace Aclanda first appeared on Beehive Candy she is back with 'Fuming' where once again her vocals are stunning and the musical backdrop imaginative. Jesper Lindell impresses in a big way with 'Stormy Waters' a beautiful song with more than a hint of Van Morrison which can't be bad. Pocket Of Lollipops - Non-Friend Friend. A Pocket Of Lollipops has dropped the music video for their song 'Be My Non-Friend Friend', the title track from their upcoming 6th album of the same name. The album is just released, nd comes as a celebration of the band's 10th anniversary of the