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Yumi Zouma - Ben Wood and The Bad Ideas - Phantoms vs Fire - Pyrotechnist - Cayley Thomas

Yumi Zouma recently shared 'Southwark' which is taken from this coming Friday's album release by the band 'Truth Or Consequences'. Comprising of ten songs the album really is a breath of fresh air, the featured track indicating their refined quality and beautifully crafted music. === Ben Wood and The Bad Ideas have released 'Noon Drunk', following on from 'Cora Cora Cora' which we featured last month. We described the last song as no nonsense rock, this is some more and its gritty, fabulous, and I love the video (I miss those London Pub day's). === We have the new album from Phantoms vs Fire streaming in full below, it's entitled 'Superbloom II'. The electronic artist was featured by Beehive Candy back in 2018, his creativity and imagination impressed us then, this takes the music even further, it's glorious. === Pyrotechnist new album is called 'Fire Crackers' from which we have 'Noi-Zee Boy' and 'Captain

Remington Super 60 - The Hengles - Cayley Thomas - Tara Vern

Remington Super 60 today share the new E.P simply entitled 'New E.P'. We have all six songs to enjoy below, with each track from the indie pop group sounding gorgeous, sometimes dreamy and always totally engaging. === We featured The Hengles a couple of times last year and they return this week with the new song 'Down To The Water', the Amsterdam based trio's imaginative and timeless pop sounding as good as ever. === From Edmonton, Alberta we have Cayley Thomas with 'Blue Jean Baby' a beautiful song that suggests her upcoming ‘How Else Can I Tell You?’ album will be more than worth checking out. === We finish today's selection with a punchy rocker from Tara Vern called 'Girl With Flashing Eyes' the Australian artist packs some fine hooks into this refined rock track. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Remington Super 60 - New E.P. We have a brand new 6 track EP from Norwegian indie-