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Down On Maddy - GRMLN - Second Still

Down On Maddy - Wake Yourself. Background - Down On Maddy mines enigmatic groove music swathed in majestic synth ambience, funky guitar, rugged beats, and infectious rubbery bass lines.  Down On Maddy evokes the immersive qualities and ambitious arrangements of Pink Floyd, Yeasayer, The Doors, and MGMT. It’s a credo indie producer/multi-instrumentalist Patrick Kleven lives and creates by through the dream funk project Down On Maddy. To produce this cryptic and cathartic music, Patrick has had to confront Loneliness. Demons. A Tumultuous (or Roller Coaster) Past. With Down On Maddy’s debut, he brings listeners light by sharing the passage through darkness. Facebook here . The video provides us with a visual story, whilst 'Wake Yourself' provides a cool soundtrack. Take a second listen without the visuals and the song really does have quality and character in it's own right. Refined alt rock with attention to detail and enough passion to entice another listen. ---