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Arms Akimbo - Earth Girl Helen Brown - A Million Machines - Magic Wands

Arms Akimbo - Parachute. Background - Arms Akimbo's newest song "Parachute" is a song about "what you get when you have a lot of emotion to funnel through a really small outlet." Arms Akimbo's previous release "Michigan" went viral on Spotify with over 750,000 plays and gained them the opportunity to open for The Animals (Eric Burdon) at The Santa Monica Pier. Pay-to-play pushed the music scene east and it left the glam of Hollywood behind.  The Hyatt on Sunset is now the Andaz West Hollywood, the Whiskey is pretty much just metal bands, and the House of Blues was torn down to make room for a high rise hotel.  This paradigm shift led to a new creative identity for L.A. musicians.  Fans became friends. Dive bars became hometown venues. Bands stopped competing and started a community.  They turned their focus to what matters most: good music. This is the L.A. scene that Arms Akimbo comes from. Arms Akimbo is a 4-piece rock outfit comprised of Pete

A Million Machines - OxenFree - Year of October

A Million Machines - Come Tonight. Background - LA-based synth pop outfit A Million Machines have announced they will release their first full-length self-titled record in November 2017, preceded by the single ‘Come Tonight’. Featuring 11 tracks, this album is a synth pop kaleidoscope, densely layered in clean, modular synthesizers and a heavy melodic aesthetic between light and darkness.  ‘Come Tonight’ is a pulsating electronic burner that echoes Depeche Mode in its technical attack of modular synths, coupled with passionate male vocals. "This song encourages an awakening to the state of the world. An awakening to prejudice, corruption and human rights. An awakening to a revolution," says vocalist Fate Fatal.  The entire debut album is, in essence, a blast of heart-thumping beats, stomping propulsion and intoxicating melodies. Fatal injects his gloomy obsessions with an ultra melodic harmony, abetted by MIG, a conscientious technician with an understanding of the inn