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The Gina Furtado Project - Nicky William - Juanita Stein - Speaker Face

The Gina Furtado Project latest single 'The Things I Saw' has a new video, the song is described as a "unique blend of driving contemporary bluegrass and acoustic pop influences" which is spot on for this fabulous track. === Nicky William just released 'I Fell In Love With Her' along with a video that adds to the story, it's a superb song and what can I say, the vocals are simply stunning. === It's been a while since we last featured Juanita Stein so we welcome her back with the new song and title track from her next album 'Snapshot' a reminder of why we got more than a little excited about her music in 2018. === Speaker Face have just shared 'Phosphorescence' and it's a beautiful electronic song with notable vocals and a refined musical arrangement. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Gina Furtado Project - The Things I Saw. The Gina Furtado Project has release