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Quality Not Quantity: WE-ARE-Z - Summer Heart - Wolkoff

WE-ARE-Z - Easy. Background promo - WE-ARE-Z produce quirky, rhythmic indie 'wonk-pop' born out of many wine fuelled late night jam sessions in bass player Archie's studio in London. Their idiosyncratic songs are largely observational, yet fully accessible, inspired by weekend booze fuelled culture and the late night chaos found in many British cities and towns, the increasing acceptance of the plastic surgeons knife as the norm, the futility of man's desire for ever increasing material acquisition and madness in its multifarious forms. WE-ARE-Z represents the the culmination of each of the band members' adventures through music. Bass player Archie, through his work as a producer has worked with James Morrison, Pharell Williams and Celtic song writing legends, The Waterboys. Frontman Gabby had weaved his way across the globe in an array of guises, playing and performing in desert festivals in California, working with Brazilian Hip Hop artists in Montreal and N