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Ava Vegas - Plastic Barricades - David Vertesi - Fallon Cush

Ava Vegas - Your Secrets With Me. Prepare to be transported to a realm where desert landscapes blend seamlessly with dystopian, high-tech visions in the video for Berlin-based, singer-songwriter Ava Vegas captivating, "Your Secrets With Me." The video marks the directorial debut from LA-based fashion designer Erika Maish. A fortuitous meeting in Los Angeles brought together Maish and Ava Vegas, resulting in a stunning visual interpretation of the mesmerizing track. Their collaboration showcases their shared artistic vision and marks an exciting union of fashion and music. “Your Secrets With Me” is featured on her sophomore album, Desert Songs, released this spring via The Orchard, Ava Vegas invites listeners to embark on an introspective and musically intoxicating odyssey. Introduced by a fellow fashion designer who recognized their potential for dynamic collaborations, Erika Maish and Ava Vegas embarked on a creative journey that pushed the boundaries of their respective cr