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Schmieds Puls - Fightmilk - Fufanu

Schmieds Puls - Don't Love Me Like That. Background - Schmieds Puls have released new single ‘Don’t Love Me Like That’ taken from upcoming album Manic Acid Love. Fronted by Mira Lu Kovacs, Christian Grobauer (drums) and Walter Singer (bass) – Schmieds Puls are an Austrian outfit who have been making waves in their home territory for some time. Spanning genres, refusing to be pigeonholed and being politically outspoken, particularly regarding Mira’s feminism has cemented them as one of the countries most interesting outputs, earning them prestigious accolades such as the Amadeus Austrian Music Award. New album Manic Acid Love is a triptych leading us through the spectrum of human emotion, the eleven tracks taking us through unconditional devotion (Manic), the deep vulnerability and pain this dedication precipitates (Acid) and the human power to overcome these hurdles and find peace (Love). Delicate guitars are paired with staccato vocals that cut right through to the listener,