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Quality Not Quantity: Grumby - Frederick The Younger

Grumby - Stuck (feat. Sola Fide). Background - “Stuck” comes as our first taste of Grumby's forthcoming EP and a humble reminder of the duo’s knack for genre-melding production. Featuring fellow New York-based songstress Sola Fide (aka Overcoats), percussive keyboard arpeggios build through the intro and then burst into an acclamation of affection with pounding drums and heavy synths.  Ultimately this story of an addictive relationship ends with a heavy head bob of acceptance as the love interest moves forward. Out February 6th, the duo's album ‘Changes Pt II’ is starting to sound real good right about now. Website here . Facebook here . With rich and smooth synthy vibes and vocals that just glide and fly above the soundtrack 'Stuck (feat. Sola Fide)' is already getting considerable attention, and deservedly so. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Frederick The Younger - Tell Me. Ba