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She Rides Tigers - Cousin Kula - Frankie Lee - Lady Nade - James Clayton - Wovoka Gentle

From She Rides Tigers we have the debut album 'Scars' to stream in full, the trio deliver a powerful mixture of rock styles with enough pop sensibilities to ensure a mass of musical hooks along the way. Cousin Kula's 'Stacked' sees the psych pop element of the band in full flow, this is an imaginative song where their jazz influences are just nudging away in the musical arrangement. 'In The Blue' from Frankie Lee takes on the subject of ageing and loss and yet adds a tender and quite beautiful feel with this fine song. Lady Nade's fabulous vocals are a perfect fit for soul and jazz, so it's no surprise that 'Drive Home Safely' (a mixture of both genres) is simply wonderful. James Clayton sent us Avalene with a few personal comments, the song did the rest and with pleasure it's shared below. Wovoka Gentle have given us another song from their forthcoming album which includes The Kids Club Kampala Choir, it's our fifth feature for the L