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Mott The Hoople - Santa Monica Civic Auditorium - 1974

This is a very good copy of the classic Mott The Hoople bootleg, known on a double (original version vinyl) album as 'Rest In Peace' and on CD as 'Flash And Crash'. The 'boot' notes suggest the concert recording was performed on the 13th April, however the poster from the gig, gives the concerts (matinee and evening or was it evening and very late evening?) as Friday 12th April 1974, perhaps they performed over two days at this venue. The venue itself, was definitely the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, California, USA. Whatever! it was a long time ago, mind you, the support act seems familiar... Source: FM Radio Broadcast (stereo local station). Sound Quality: Very good - and as I understand from CD rip, hey just listen). Genre: Rock, Hard and Boogie, Glam Rock (ouch I hate that expression). Set: Not complete. This version of the show was edited to accommodate the Cd's running time, and omits the Jupiter intro, Here Comes Th