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Marillion - Lufthansa Air Terminal 1983

This is Marillion back in 1983, the year they released their debut album 'Script for a Jester's Tear' (recorded at Marquee Studios, London, December 1982 - February 1983) and released in March 2 003. Throughout 1983 the band toured across the UK, Europe, and the USA, predominately as the headline act and selling out mainstream venues ( they opened for Rush at the Radio City Music Hall, New York for 5 nights) . Having built a credible London audience at the legendary Marquee Club prior to achieving notable success, the band chose to perform two secret gigs at the venue in 1983 (the previous year the club was their key London venue). On May 12th 1983 they appeared as 'Skyline Drifters' at the venue, and for this particular concert at the Marquee Club London, on Sunday 30th, October, 1983 , they sold out under the name 'Lufthansa Air Terminal' , clearly their fans back then new what was going on. Source: Original soundboard to audio cassette to MP3

Marillion - Live In London - 1984

Guess which one went on to a solo career and acting? Hmmm.... OK so Fish was a bit of an extrovert, that said Marillion have done very well since he left, way back when. This is interesting, the band on tour prior to 'Misplaced Childhood' being released, and the very successful hit single 'Kayleigh'. They played some of the 'forthcoming material', which for Marillion fans, is fascinating to hear. The comments from Fish, introducing the 'new material', also demonstrates that the final album structure was not quite as planned. Also the lyrics on 'Kayleigh' are different from the final album/single version. This was recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon on December 14th 1984. The original source was stereo soundboard, and considering that the likely path was vinyl, then CD, and finally digital, the sound quality remains excellent. Setlist is: 01. Garden Party 02. Cinderella Search 03. Jigsaw 04. Chelsea Monday 05. Pseudo Silk Kimono / Kayleigh 06. Bitt