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We Used to Make Things - The Luxembourg Signal - Frida Sundemo - Trupa Trupa - Sophia Marshall - Pale Honey - KLARA

We Used to Make Things - Yes Man (no no no). Background - We Used To Make Things are an East London based band, the product of a fusion of influences as diverse as ELO and The Beatles, taking in Indie Rock, Punk and Horns along the way to create an explosion of sound, perfectly exemplified by new single 'Yes Man'. The song is a about embracing the powerlessness inherent in our modern lives before a chaotic and angry eruption of sound rallies us with a battle cry against apathy, a catchy earworm of dissatisfaction. The band chose a name to hint at their disillusionment with post-industrial Britain but also more personally about a danger that accompanies adulthood, that of losing the ability to play, make mistakes, be creative and ultimately, make things. The songs on their album are shaped by warm, witty lyrics about dissatisfaction, personal politics, open plan offices and the kind of characters Mike Leigh and Pinter would be proud of. It is in turn funny, poignant and

Sundays Alternative Take: Pale Honey - Myles Manley - Ida Wenøe - Happy Camper - ALIA

Pale Honey - Why Do I Always Feel This Way. Background - Kicking off with a Swedish headline tour and much-anticipated sweaty days in the studio, 2017 is set to be Pale Honey’s year. Having wrapped up their praised debut album release, the self-titled ‘Pale Honey’ (May 2015) with live shows across Europe including sold-out shows in the UK, the band is ready to unleash rising danger upon the world with a new album set for release later this year. With the single release ‘Real Thing’ (October 2016) the band gave listeners a hint of what to expect from their upcoming album Where 'Real Thing' paired fervent guitar and drums, on 'Why Do I Always Feel This Way' Pale Honey switch their focus to synthesizers and vocals bursting with yearning. Recorded with producer Anders Lagerfors in Nacksving Studios in their hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden. Lyrics of love, jealousy and denial are elegantly driven by singer Tuva Lodmark in a way that it is sure to leave no heart untouched

Midweek Muse: Yes Sir Noceur - Scam Avenue - Lara Yuko - Pale Honey - Hippo Campus

Yes Sir Noceur - Turn To Fire (feat. Aquila Young). Background promo - Yes Sir Noceur are chuffed as chips to release the first taster of their sophomore EP. Striking while the iron is hot following on from previous singles, 'Luna' and 'Dreamin', the group's new single, 'Turn To Fire' is out now via GD Frnds. Noceur (pronounced no-sir), one who sleeps late or not all; one who stays out late to revel or party. With a charismatic tendency to refute genres and definitions, Gold Coast's Yes Sir Noceur have developed a cult-like following of music lovers enamoured by the band's Zeppelin-esque riffs and surf-infused, psychedelic rock. Refusing to be pigeonholed, Yes Sir Noceur casually flirt with genres to transcend the prevailing psychedelic sound of the moment. If Jim Morrison, Tame Impala and the Beach boys had a one night stand, Yes Sir Noceur would be their lovechild. Featuring the enchanting, light vocal licks of fellow Gold Coast songstress, Aqui