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Wyndow - Katey Morley - Sturle Dagsland - Erica Knox - David Olney & Anana Kaye

Wyndow - Take My Picture. Wyndow is the brand-new psychedelic-pop project of revered singer-songwriters Lavinia Blackwall and Laura J Martin. Today, the duo has announced their collaboration via the sharing of astral new single ‘Take My Picture’ alongside the news that they are working on an album together. The pair first met whilst playing on the same bill at Moseley Folk Festival in Birmingham and hit it off instantly over a shared love of the music of Robert Wyatt. Over the years that followed, their paths crossed several more times, Lavinia and her partner collaborated on new material with Laura and Laura contributed flute parts to Lavinia’s debut solo album in 2019. “As the world took a nose-dive, I wanted to lose myself in a new project” explained Laura. “I was listening to Japanese environmental music and wanted to present those atmospheres alongside two voices. I mentioned it to Lavinia, and we formed a plan to start working on a cover.” “We collaborated on a cover of Robert Wy

Katey Morley - Hannah Frances - SYBS - Päter - Brother Sun Sister Moon

Katey Morley just released 'The Guy Who Breaks Things', it's been three years since we last featured her (time fly's eh?) however this beautifully crafted singer songwriter piece makes for a very pleasing return  === Towards the end of June we featured 'Wolf' by Hannah Frances and now she is back with 'That Night', a sensitive, personal song with gorgeous vocals. === SYBS power up with 'Anwybodaeth' a raw and energised Welsh language rocker with bags of determination. === Päter has just shared 'Sleep' which is a splendid alt rock song with plenty of natural passion. === From Japan we have Brother Sun Sister Moon and the notable psych pop/rock track 'Numb' where melodic hooks and a really fine musical arrangement vye for our attention. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Katey Morley - The Guy Who Breaks Things. Emerging from a long, gloomy spring, Katey Morley is

Amelie No - Katey Morley - Cody & Danz - The National Parks

Amelie No - Stranger Body. Background - Stranger Body (released Friday June 16th) is a song about resilience and adaptation. Recognising internal change is at once beautiful and terrifying; and although peace of mind may take time to obtain, acceptance of one’s own condition is the first step. Amelie No has been a part of Quebec City’s music scene for many years now. It all started when she was teenager, playing bass and singing in several punk rock bands in the provincial capital. She eventually turned to a more soulful sound and her voice started making waves across Canada, the U.S. and Europe with folk-rock band I.No back in 2008.  She became a household name last year after she sang her way into the semi-finals on the Quebec version of the hit TV show, The Voice. Her jazzy vocals are now set on new indie-pop music with R&B and soul accents. Facebook here , website here . 'Stranger Body' has a luscious musical arrangement that provides Amelie No, with a perfect