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Golden Earring - Live in The Hague - 1989

Considering Golden Earring formed in the mid 1960's, and have enjoyed popularity in Holland and a number of European countries ever since, it's great to see them still touring and recording right up to date, and with gigs scheduled into 2010! They scored their biggest UK and USA success with the classic rock song 'Radar Love', which in some ways over shadows a considerable amount of other great material they have produced down the years. For your enjoyment this is Golden Earring live in concert at the Parkpop Festival, Den Haag (The Hague), Holland on the 25th June 1989. Source: FM radio broadcast (this is from a later 're-broadcast'). Sound Quality: Very good, 320kbps stereo 'off air' recording. Genre: Rock (from 'classic' to 'prog' to 'Nederland beat') Set: This is the full broadcast material, it excludes the first two songs from their performance (Back Home & To Much Women), the total recorded time was 51:28 (117mb). Se