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Sluka - KINLEY - Katie Burden - Emma Charles - Frank Moyo

Sluka have shared 'VIP' accompanied by a video that is a dog lovers dream. Using the expression below the song is beautifully Avant-Alternative and some. === KINLEY has just released her self titled album from which we have 'Tuesdays Child', we shared the song 'Washington' last month and both typify the sheer quality of the album. === Katie Burden has released her 'Edge Of Sleep' E.P we featured the title track a couple of months back and now have the full E.P from this talented & creative artist. === Emma Charles makes her fourth appearance on Beehive Candy with the gently melodic folk pop track 'Connecticut'. === Frank Moyo just released 'Friend Of Mine' which is a refined and very catchy alt rocker. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sluka - VIP. San Diego-based Avant-Alternative Rock artist Sluka and the immersive new music video for single VIP, taken from the full-

Emma Charleston - Majken - Sluka - Sally Caitlin

Emma Charleston - Volcano. Background - Inspired by the mesmerizing sights and sounds of Hawaii’s fiery coastline, folk singer-songwriter and talented actress Emma Charlestontakes listeners on a magical journey on her new single “Volcano.” Featuring a track produced by Olly Liu and Taylor Pollock, “Volcano” is a pulsating and dreamy piece of electronic folk that describes the view from high above Hawaii’s ever-flowing lava. “Volcano” is the fourth single from Charleston’s forthcoming EP Enjoy the Ride (June 23). More information on Charleston is available on her official website. According to Charleston, “Volcano” is the product of an exhilarating experience in the heart of the Pacific: “I was inspired to write it after taking a helicopter trip to see Hawaii’s active volcanoes. The feeling of being so high and floating right over one of the largest lava sites was unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. I sat in the front with the pilot, so I had a 360 view of this giant mass of l