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Tom Auton - Shane Guerrette - Stonefield

Tom Auton - Stay. Background - Self taught musician, Tom Auton will be releasing his highly anticipated EP Big Little Glass Bowl on September 14th. “I spent months hitting my head against the wall. How on earth do you build a colossal fanbase overnight?! Then I realised; it’s useless being a ‘small fish in a big pond’, I need to be a ‘BIG fish in a SMALL pond’. I’m wasting time splashing about, trying to be heard from every single person on the planet, It’s my hometown I need to pour myself back into. A crowd draws a crowd. It’s this new mindset that inspired me to plunge back into Cardiff, put on my first headline show which subsequently sold out at 150 capacity. Big Little Glass Bowl is for not only my pond, but all the other musicians who are trying to be a small fish.” - Tom Auton. Influenced by Royal Blood and John Mayer, the singer-songwriter has already made his mark, breaking the top 8 in Fender’s Undiscovered Artist of the Year Award, showcasing himself to an audience of ov