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Silly Boy Blue - Lone Kodiak - Tay Temple

Silly Boy Blue shared 'Goodbye' last Friday and the attention it's getting is hardly surprising, considering just how blissfully gorgeous the song is. ===== We featured the track 'PDX '97' by Lone Kodiak back in September and they return now with another powerful and hook filled alt rocker called 'Bones'. ===== From Manchester, England we have the second single by Tay Temple which is released today, entitled 'Ladybird' this is a refined folk rock piece that impresses both vocally and through the beautifully arranged musical backdrop. =================================================== Silly Boy Blue - Goodbye. Silly Boy Blue reveals her brand new single “Goodbye.” Silly Boy Blue (real name, Ana Benabdelkarim) is an indie pop singer from Nantes, France who was recently snapped up by Columbia France. This brand new single follows up Ana’s previous offering - the delicate and hypnotic “Hi, It’s Me Again” - and further develops her signature as a

Flora Hibberd - Lone Kodiak - The Bats

Flora Hibberd is back with a new single and video for 'I'm Gonna Leave You' ahead of next Friday's 'Archipelago' E.P release. Last year we had the pleasure of featuring Flora on four occasions and the new collection of songs showcases her wonderfully distinctive vocals alongside some beautiful musical arrangements. === Lone Kodiak deliver some powerful alt rock with their new song 'PDX '97'. It has all the vital ingredients for a stadium style sing-along anthem, and plenty of passion to reinforce the piece. === Back in 2017 we shared a couple of fine songs from The Bats and the long standing New Zealand indie band are back with 'Another Door' where their ability to create fresh new and fabulous songs remains intact.  =================================================== Flora Hibberd – I'm Gonna Leave You. Flora Hibberd was born in London and lives in Paris. In 2019 she released her debut EP, The Absentee, with London-based indie Clearlig

Quiet Hollers - Juanita Stein - Lone Kodiak - Altar Eagles - Sam Carmody

Quiet Hollers - Wheel. Background - “Wheel” is one of the more raw, atmospheric songs on Amen Breaks (out on July 7th via sonaBLAST!), and one of the bands' first to feature a Roland CR-78 drum machine, their tribute to Roland’s Ikutaro Kakehashi. It also delves into the anxious existential theme that life can change in an instant, centered around frontman Shadwick Wilde’s quasi-phobia of car crashes (which he’s seen many of in his years of touring).  “Wheel” follows Amen Breaks’ previously released stand-out single “Medicine”, a powerful track about crippling anxiety, depression, existential malaise, and society’s attitudes toward medication and addiction, along with “Funny Ways”, a song about criminality and the self-perpetuating prison-industrial complex. Both follow the album’s core themes that draw parallels with the cultural crossovers of the 1970's, a decade marred by division, political corruption, and terrorism… issues we can all relate to these days. Expanding