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L.A. Peach - Plastic Dolls - Bus Stop Poets - RotJoch - Thoughts

'I Can Remember Where You Are' the latest song from L.A. Peach drifts along with a laid back feel. It's gently melodic and with superbly distinct vocals this one stands out, however loose the vibe is. Plastic Dolls have shared 'I Don't Sing The Blues' a pulsating rocker with simmering emotion, this Amsterdam based band should be playing live soon. The sophomore album from Bus Stop Poets titled 'Leave it to the Kids' is due out next month and from it we have 'Blow' which typifies the bands slick, tight and natural rock music. So what's thirty eight years between new releases? Well that's the case with The Netherlands Rotjoch whose return is nonetheless very welcome, with the featured song 'Fade Away giving just a hint of what's in store on the album. 'Tethered' by Thoughts has a beautiful feel to it as does the whole album 'The Last Summer' which is  bright, breezy and rather catchy to say the least. -----