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Locks - The Cordial Sins - Ex Norwegian - The Be Positives - Dominic Sen - Bandits On The Run

Locks return to Beehive Candy for a seventh time with their latest release 'In The City'. The bands creativity is notable in pretty much anything they record, this time they have shared a simmering alt folk song with bags of atmosphere and a very addictive vibe. From The Cordial Sins we have their new single 'Cruel'. I was hoping to share the video for it, but it's still unlisted as I write, nonetheless this is a gorgeous and melodic alt pop song that is released today. Ex Norwegian have shared ' Life' along with a video that brings out the psychedelic feel of this fabulous and somewhat sixties orientated rocker. The band may have been around for a while, but they are still putting out some really fine new songs. Our second feature for The Be Positives this time we have 'She's The Girl' and boy does it contrast with the last song. This time the melodic vocals lead with a toned down rock backdrop, last time they were belting it out in fu

The Promised - Shannon and Susannah Davey - The Be Positives - Katrina Parker

The Promised debut single 'We Could Be In Love' has just been released. It's a vibrant and upbeat roots meets country piece where every element sparkles with style. Shannon and Susannah Davey's song 'We've All Got Our Story' mixes folk and blues together so well, that at just over two and a quarter minutes duration my first instinct was to play it again (and again). 'Like Everyone' by The Be Positives is a striking rocker of a song, from a band who are certainly not trapped in any one particular genre, with this track they just happen to be in full garage rock mode. Just a couple of weeks back we first featured Katrina Parker and the title track for her new album 'Stars.' We now have the only cover song on the album, the classic ' Ring Of Fire' and she really does take the piece in a very different and imaginative direction! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------