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John Edge Feat. Blackmill - The Decrees - Segers

John Edge Feat. Blackmill - Emerald City. Background - Blackmill’s Robbie Card is one of the pioneers of melodic dub-step. After reaching number one on Hype Machine with his remix of 'Your Song' by Ellie Goulding a few years back, and (fast forward to today) has since got over 500,000 single sales under his belt, 250,000 album sales as well as 70 million streams (and growing). With a vast cult following, this enigmatic producer is back again! This time the Watford-born dub-step prince dabbles in a whole different sonic spectrum than before, and having teamed up with his long-time friend and fellow Scottish musician John Edge, he enters into the Americana indie folk genre. “Emerald City” is the fruit of their collaboration. Opening softly with the eerie Fleet Foxes-like harmonies, the track immediately brings nostalgia and melancholy into play. There’s a slight country-ish twang to Edge’s way of singing, which topped with Blackmill’s powerful usage of space within the ins