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The Jeff Beck Group - BBC Sessions 1967 - 1971

Reloaded 27/May/2015 - I wanted to feature this set of sessions recorded for BBC radio again for a couple of reasons. Firstly because it is so easy to forget the impact on pop, rock, blues and other genres, Jeff Beck had back then. He was respected by his counterparts and was not afraid to push the boundaries. Secondly Jeff Beck was a driving force for many other artists, witnessed by those around him on these sessions alone. It's all a long time ago now, but recognition for Jeff's musical legacy should I think be acknowledged. This is a selection of recordings from The Jeff Beck Group , which were recorded as sessions for the BBC (Radio One), from 1967 to 1971. This is not the complete set of songs performed by the band for the BBC, however it does represent a very good flavour of the material the band were performing live at that time.   The audio quality of tracks one to nine are notably better quality than track ten to seventeen however the latter tracks include some