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Genesis - Lamb Tour Florida 1975

This is Genesis back on the 10th January 1975 in concert at the Convention Hall, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA. There are hundreds of Genesis bootlegs in circulation spanning their history, this is from the Lamb Lies Down On Broadway tour, and is regarded as one of the best quality recordings from that tour, however there is a story behind this. The concert has been circulated under different names and through differing CD sources including Descends on Waterbury, Supper's Ready With a Little Lost Lamb, Hogweed 5, Burp 09, SAB 06, Digital West Palm Beach . This copy is from SAB06. The Genesis Movement site tells us, regarding the SAB06 version (Notes from Dan) - "Although I have a direct DAT clone of the Chris Davies tapes, I used a DAT clone from an unknown source which sounded a little bit better. I edited out as many 'artifacts' as I could find, but the 'reel squeals' are still there. The Shrine '75 recording was used to fill out the missing piec

Genesis - A Trick Of The Outtakes 1975

This set of Genesis outtakes have been given some very real care and attention by the 'Progressive Rock Remasters Project', and rather than duplicate effort I have taken the release notes to provide the background details. On a personal note I have always felt that the era after Peter Gabriel left the band was as creative and inspiring with the albums from 'A trick Of The Tail' through to 'Duke' remaining firm favorites of mine, although if I was pushed for my all time favorites I guess 'Foxtrot' and 'Selling England By The Pound' would be two of the 'top three' along with the album these outtakes are associated with. From the release notes: The Sheffield brothers built Trident studios at No. 17 St. Anne’s Ct. Soho in 1967. This studio was the recording site for many rock albums of the 1960’s and 70’s including David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust and many tracks from the Beatle’s White Album. The Genesis sessions captured on this CD were re

Genesis - Live In London - 1980

There was a time when Genesis would have automatically been included in my top favorite five bands. When Peter Gabriel left, like many I thought it was the end, however although the sound and style gradually developed, it was still Genesis, and some good music was produced. In 1980 the album Duke was released, and I was really impressed ! With hindsight this was the beginning of the end of my Genesis 'must buy - must have' era. After that for whatever reason only the odd song here and there appealed to me. As regards Phil Collins solo material, sorry I have tried, but it ain't for me. I think early on, he made to much of an effort not to sound like Genesis, but with respect was never going to be a crooner. To the point - This is Genesis towards the end of my 'Top Five Favorite' era. The details - Genesis live at The Lyceum London (second night) on the 7th May 1980. The Lyceum was one of the smaller venues they played on this tour. Set List: CD 1: 0

Genesis - Turn The Cash On Again

I have always liked Genesis. They are so easy to knock, ex public schoolboys who made good, through progressive rock, circa early 1970's. Concept albums, followed by intelligent musical pieces, with complicated chord and time changes. Add to that Phil Collins solo music that gradually descended to the depths of bland for bland's sake. The fashion and dance sense of .... You remember why punk happened don't you ? Like I say I have always liked Genesis, with a few exceptions. So I wish them well on this years tour, and look forward to the superb digital remixes of their material to follow. For those of us, that missed out on tickets (that were already expensive), and who are currently falling over with laughter, at the prices some mugs are paying on EBay , or the modern day ticket touts on the web - 'who have managed to source exclusive tickets' are charging, here's a couple of excellent live songs. Both from the 1978 tour, and of the highest quality (soundb