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Corpulent Provocateur - Tale Of Two - Stumbleine - Jacob Dixon

Corpulent Provocateur have just released their second single 'Brown' and it's a thumping good rocker with dramatic vocals and a tight rock backing, the video is a superb addition. === Tale Of Two are a duo made up of Alfie Jackson and Gemma Rogers and their latest song 'Lovelust' is gorgeous. Described as a dark folk song it's addictive from the opening moments, love it! === Stumbleine shares the new song 'Lost To The World' which follows on from 'Supermodels' which we featured last month. With hints of Shoegaze and dream pop, this synthy multi textured track is amazing. === Jacob Dixon latest single is 'Slip' it opens gently, and just builds in richness and feeling, Jacob's vocals are wonderful on this thoughtful piece. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Corpulent Provocateur - Brown The Czech band Corpulent Provocateur has released its second single, Brown which was