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The Luxembourg Signal - Rosie Carney - Terra Lightfoot

The Luxembourg Signal are back with two new singles 'Mourning Moon' and 'The Morning After' ahead of their new album 'The Long Now' due out this coming Friday. Mixing dream pop and indie rock these two tracks suggest the album as a whole will pack plenty of creative and varied material. ===== Rosie Carney is one of the most (deservedly) featured artists we have on Beehive Candy and her new version of Radiohead's song 'Bones' is taken from her lockdown rendition of Radiohead’s seminal mental health album 'The Bends' due in December. ===== Terra Lightfoot makes her seventh appearance here with the new song and video for 'Consider the Speed' and it's yet another hook filled and melodic rocker. =================================================== The Luxembourg Signal - Mourning Moon / The Morning After. Dreampop and shoegaze indie super group The Luxembourg Signal dropping two new singles this afternoon with "Morning After&quo

Hailey Whitters - The Luxembourg Signal - Malin Pettersen

Hailey Whitters appeared here in July with her stunning song 'Janice At The Hotel Bar' and returns now with 'Happy People' which is another catchy and impressive piece. === We featured The Luxembourg Signal a couple of times back in 2017 and then lost track of them, however they are back with '2.22' as a taster for their next album 'The Long Now' and it's good to note that their mixture of Dreampop and Shoegaze is sounding real good. === Malin Pettersen shares 'Wildhorse Dream' ahead of the album 'Wildhorse' set for release on October 16th. The song itself is a melodic slice of modern Americana with bags of charm. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Photo: Harper Smith Hailey Whitters - Happy People. Hailey Whitters releases a sunny animated video for “Happy People” (co-directed by Harper Smith and Drew Wittler) from her critically-acclaimed new album, The Dream, out

We Used to Make Things - The Luxembourg Signal - Frida Sundemo - Trupa Trupa - Sophia Marshall - Pale Honey - KLARA

We Used to Make Things - Yes Man (no no no). Background - We Used To Make Things are an East London based band, the product of a fusion of influences as diverse as ELO and The Beatles, taking in Indie Rock, Punk and Horns along the way to create an explosion of sound, perfectly exemplified by new single 'Yes Man'. The song is a about embracing the powerlessness inherent in our modern lives before a chaotic and angry eruption of sound rallies us with a battle cry against apathy, a catchy earworm of dissatisfaction. The band chose a name to hint at their disillusionment with post-industrial Britain but also more personally about a danger that accompanies adulthood, that of losing the ability to play, make mistakes, be creative and ultimately, make things. The songs on their album are shaped by warm, witty lyrics about dissatisfaction, personal politics, open plan offices and the kind of characters Mike Leigh and Pinter would be proud of. It is in turn funny, poignant and

Walrus - The Luxembourg Signal - BUHU - The School Book Depository - ARGRPH - Tomten

Walrus - In Timely Fashion. Background - Halifax's Walrus announce tour in support of Family Hangover. Walrus will release their debut LP, Family Hangover, on June 9th via Dan Mangan's Madic Records.  Currently available for pre-order, it features a soulful, fuzzed-out mix of swirling vocals, wailing guitar riffs, and Spacemen 3-style drone, all with a laid-back, '60s-infused vibe.  "...just because Walrus doesn’t seem to take itself terribly seriously doesn’t mean Walrus shouldn’t be taken seriously. These lads can do pretty much anything." - Toronto Star. Today, the band has detailed their tour in support of the album. The Halifax-based band offered a first taste of the album with lead single "Regular Face" and followed it up with the psych-tinged "In Timely Fashion". Live dates are over on Beehive Candy's tour page, website here , Facebook here . 'In Timely Fashion' is a whirlpool of psychedelic vibes where melodic voc