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Earth and Fire - Holland & Germany 1972 & 74

This is Dutch band Earth and Fire performing live on two occasions in the early 1970's. Earth & Fire were commercially popular in Holland, with a number of hit singles, which were played to a larger audience through offshore radio station Radio Northsea International (RNI) and subsequently Radio Caroline upon their return to air in the early 1970's. These platforms developed a growing British following, it is also clear the band were enjoyed in other neighboring country's. Earth & Fire were primarily a 'prog' rock band, that crossed over into the popular mainstream, because basically they made some superb individual songs. I occasionally describe some music as 'timeless' in other words the music sounds as fresh today as when it was first conceived, some of Earth & Fires songs fall comfortably into this bracket. The following material is from two separate gigs, the first live in Ijmuiden, Nederland (Holland), on the 17th June 1972. Th