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Genre Wander: ElleKaye - Blaak Heat - Esma Project - Astorian

ElleKaye  - Di Caprio. Background promo - Unsurprisingly, the track has recently grabbed the attention of BBC Introducing London who recently named the south coast four-piece their featured artist.  Absolutely soaked in catchy hooks, the new single “ Di Caprio  by  Ellekaye  has managed to turn heads and perk ears in the Brighton music scene. In a town where “anything goes” it’s often hard to get noticed but r aised on a diet of 90’s dynamos such as Blur, Supergrass and Suede, Ellekaye’s sound is one of true distinct diversity and is a clear niche heard amongst today’s sounds. You can’t help but admire the nonchalant, defiant attitude from these newcomers as they effortlessly bridge the gap from retro to modern with their sound. “Di Caprio”, the new single from the young quartet released this week boasts infectious guitar lines and vocals that are both familiar and unique making this track rise above the numerous in-vogue bands from their trendy home town. The track has subtle mome