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Quality Not Quantity: Hawking - Ablebody

Hawking - Comfortable. Background promo - Canadian alternative rock band Hawking have released their latest single "Comfortable". The track boasts themes of loss and fear while showcasing the group's signature intense percussion and complex vocals. "Comfortable" is a meaningful title for the band because it's about the desire to feel comfort at the end of the day. It's about defining and finding comfort, whether that's emotionally, financially, physically, or creating your own version of feeling at peace. The song was written by lead singer Tom Vanderkam while on a plane to Los Angeles with his girlfriend Maddie Phillips, who stars as the heroine in the music video. Vanderkam reflects on the track, "'Comfortable' is about having someone that you love and depend on ripped away from you. Whether that’s a breakup or the death/deterioration of a family member or what have you, we’ve all known that sorrow. Lyrically, the song is interesti