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The Monday Mix: No Monster Club - Harlea - The Darts

No Monster Club - French Revolution / Life Is Flashing Before Your Eyes (Aardvark - Blessing). Background from Bobby Aherne of No Monster Club - I'm here to tell you about the 'Encyclopedia Project' that I have planned for the foreseeable future: On the first of each month, I'll be releasing a new single (consisting of two songs) that'll be available for free download - or as 'pay what you like', should one be willing to throw some change into the virtual tips jar. The first instalment arrived on January 1st, containing one new song and a cover of an amazing Vince Collins song from 1984. As I'll be utilising an alphabetical, encyclopedia-based naming scheme, issue #1 is entitled 'Aardvark - Blessing'. My 2015 and 2016 albums ('People Are Weird' and 'I Feel Magic', respectively) were unanimously acclaimed ~ they were released by indie labels based in NYC & Chicago, and each picked up four stars from The Irish Times.  Website

And The Beat Goes On: Ine Hoem - No Monster Club - Neil Brophy Band - Slow Down Molasses - The PepTides

Ine Hoem - Moonbird. Background promo - Ine Hoem´s voice hits you right in the heart. Her vocal strong sound has elements from both modern electronic music and the jazz universe. Her debut album "Angerville" received tons of positive reviews, and her single "This year" gained a lot of airplay in her native Norway. That song was also used in the Canadian/US TV series "Degrassi". Ine Hoem has spent the last 12 months in a studio in Gotland, Sweden, together with producer Tobias Fröberg (Ane Brun, Loreen, Anna Bergendahl) and the musicians Lars Skoglund (Lykke Li) and Robert Elovsson (Robyn). The result is the album "Moonbird", due to be released February 10th. These nine strong songs creates a dark musical universe, and makes you think of artists like Kate Bush and Lykke Li. The first single, and title track, "Moonbird" is out now. With rich swirling synth sounds 'Moonbird' grabbed my attention before Ine Hoem had even begun t