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The Golden Age of TV - LIFE - Fruition - Rebekah Rolland - Flora Hibberd

The Golden Age of TV have just released a new single 'Caught In Doors' ahead of their self titled debut E.P. We featured them back in early 2018 and the new release is more than welcome as the bands distinct and oh so likable musical construction really stands out. ===  LIFE have released a video for their fabulous album track 'Excites Me' a song that does just that, excites and rocks as well. === We have a video from Fruition for 'Wild As The Night' a beautiful and touching song that is melodic, as both the vocals and musical arrangement shine brightly. === Rebekah Rolland shares two songs on 'Mary / Louise' where the Arizona musician and songwriter is a delight to listen to, her lyrics, vocal delivery and music are somewhere special on the Americana spectrum. === We had the pleasure of featuring Flora Hibberd a couple of times earlier this year and are really pleased to share 'As Long as There is Night' taken from her new E.P, as once again

Stav G - Fruition - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Stav G - My Sheltered Room. Background - Stav​ ​G​ ​​is announcing her new single “My​ ​Sheltered​ ​Room​” due out in early January. The recent NYC​ ​​transplant offers a scathing attack on the machinations of war and an open desire for dialogue and coexistence amongst people. All this is delivered with her signature mix of venom and melody. Growing up in a musical environment, Stav ​G​ ​​knew from a young age she wanted to bea voice teacher. She focussed on music during her High School years and continued her education at the Rimon College of Contemporary Music.  After studying voice pedagogy and performing in multiple ensembles, Stav​ ​​went on to study at the Complete Vocal Institute in Denmark, where she graduated as a certified CVT teacher. In the meantime she also became the songwriter and leader of the indie-rock band Malinka​, as well as the indie-pop duo Stav​ ​&​ ​Roni​ ​​both of whom toured widely. The upcoming debut album was produced by Stav​ alongside with Avi​ ​