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Natalie Schlabs - Sonny Winnebago - Crawford Mack - Maxwell Stern

Natalie Schlabs returns here for a third time this summer with 'Don't Look To Close' and it's another reminder that her forthcoming album is a gorgeous collection of imaginative tracks. === Sonny Winnebago shares the beautifully upbeat modern pop song 'Lemonade' where feel good vibes roam free. === Crawford Mack impressed us back in July with 'Depends On Where You Stand' and his brand new release 'Firing Squad' continues the trend from this refined singer songwriter. === Maxwell Stern has released 'Pull The Stars Down' a catchy and smooth flowing song with a country rock feel, ahead of his debut album 'Impossible Sum' due next Friday. ===================================================    Natalie Schlabs -  Don't Look To Close. Nashville-based singer/songwriter Natalie Schlabs writes songs that explore the complicated emotions and perspective-shifting moments that make up family relationships. Her music often blends sublime

Hannah James - Magnapop - Sonny Winnebago - Dominic Sen - Maddee - Skeleton Flower - The Endangered Species

Hannah James has shared 'Canal Song' which is the first of ten tracks on her forthcoming 'The Woman and Her Words' album. Beyond Hanna's distinguishable and melodic vocals the album has an array of rich musical arrangements as a variety of creative avenues are explored. The often intriguing lyrics add even more to a highly credible and pleasing album. A couple of months back we featured the debut song 'Need To Change' from Magnapop ahead of their upcoming album 'The Circle is Round'. Today we get another taste of the album with 'Dog On The Door', where the bands deliver a vibrant and catchy alt rocker. Sonny Winnebago has released 'Take Me For A Ride' a bright and uptempo pop song with Sonny's vocals rightly centre stage, supported by an equally melodic and pleasing musical backdrop. Ahead of debut album 'Visitor' due next month Dominic Sen has released her final single 'Natural History'. We have already fe