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Genre Wander: Sex on Toast - Laurel - Animal Noise

Sex on Toast - Doubt. Background promo - Following the cult success of recent single 'Oh Loretta!' & a knockout performance at Bigsound 2015, Melbourne 10-piece Sex On Toast are about to drop their new EP 'Ready', heralded by the release of new single & video for 'Doubt'. They'll also be hitting the road soon, with a Sydney show & NZ dates just announced. There really, really isn't anyone quite like the formidably talented, performatively irrepressible 10-piece that is Sex On Toast. They're fervidly dedicated to their craft. They're unconditionally vivacious. They're virtuosos of the tongue-in-cheek. And they're 'Ready' to unleash the goods once more. It's a rare band that has the savvy to successfully combine retro production, tight 70s/60s inspired instrumentation, and lyrical commentary that bites harder than your Aunt's rabid chihuahua. And you'll want to listen again. But Sex On Toast aren't