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Quality Not Quantity: Erin Pellnat - The Plastic Attraction - Tallisker

Erin Pellnat - Dream in Color. Background - Erin Pellnat is currently an unsigned singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn, NY. Her new EP Dream In Color includes songs that range from colorful acoustic, to accordion waltz, to Bossa Nova. Erin is also a member of Brooklyn band Caretaker, however her solo material takes her in a number of  very different directions. If you want to play detective then Beehive Candy featured a relative of Erin Pellnat earlier this year, no prizes for guessing, it's a small world. The EP was recorded in the fall of 2016. Bandcamp here . 'Dream in Color' is the title track and the first of four really fine songs in this EP collection. Although the songs take differing directions, Erin's vocals consistently stand out. Musically melodic, there is considerable attention to detail within the soundtrack which adds that little extra and makes this EP pretty special. Dream in Color by Erin Pellnat ----------------------------------------------