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Video Premiere: Ben Bostick - The Juggler

Ben Bostick - The Juggler. Background - Ben Bostick is a Carolina-raised, California-based outsider country songwriter, musician, and busker. His influences range from Johnny Cash and Bruce Springsteen to Waylon Jennings and The Band. “A little bit outlaw, a lot of heart, and all authentic country” (Smalands Country Club). Ben Bostick’s debut album has been a long time coming for this 33-year-old. Although his love of music and songwriting started in his early teens, the prospect of making a living from his passion seemed both impossible and sacrilegious. Having grown up off the beaten path in South Carolina, he’d never met a professional musician—plus the thought of desecrating music with money and ambition made him uneasy. At eighteen he left home for a decade of rambling, writing, and odd jobs—roofing houses, working on ranches, working on movie sets, to name a few. He saw the country, met people from all over the world, and lived in New York, Nevada, Washington, Paris, Provi