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SHEL - Inferior Complex - amini - Seazoo

SHEL have today shared the stirring video for 'Rainbow'. It's related to SHEL's desire to help empower the women of Hope Springz and support their craft shelter, that said it's also a wonderful song. === Originally formed in 1979 Inferior Complex today release 'Dome' the bands cinematic sounds resonating beautifully on this instrumental piece. === amini have released their third E.P today which is entitled 'When We Were Kids' a collection of four gorgeous and heartfelt indie pop songs. === Seazoo make their fourth appearance on Beehive Candy with the new song 'The Pleasure' accompanied by a video as the Welsh band once again impress us with their distinctive mixture of indie pop and rock. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SHEL - Rainbow. Did you know that in some regions of India, when a woman becomes a widow, she becomes a "bad omen," shunned by friends and family?  I

Six Of The Best: James Edge And The Mindstep - Holly Elle - SHEL - Clem Snide - Alexis & the Samurai - Dia

James Edge And The Mindstep - Widdershins. Background promo - James Edge is already a studious musical maestro and a top drawer composer. The Kent-raised musician studied composition to master’s degree level under Joe Duddell - arranger for the likes of Elbow and New Order. After moving to London and starting to gig in 2006, he formed James Edge and the Mindstep to record 2010 debut album ‘In The Hills, The Cities’. The working relationships he built around this time would provide him with some dependable collaborators, including regular engineer and occasional co-producer Tom Aitkenhead, best known for his work with Laura Marling and Bloc Party. A core jazz-folk trio of Edge, double bassist Andy Waterworth and drummer Avvon Chambers materialised. Together the trio started recording second album ‘Machines He Made’ over a five day period tracking everything live and only overdubbing the backing vocals. The songs were largely unrehearsed, with band members and additional session playe